About Us

Coast to Coast Escrow Services, Inc. is a full service, independent escrow company licensed under the Department of Business Oversight, and bonded by the Escrow Agent’s Fidelity Corporation, which provides fidelity coverage for member trust accounts in the amount of $5 Million.

This fidelity bond guarantees consumer’s funds are protected. For you that provides the Peace of Mind that your investment is secure.

The company is led by principal partners Brenda Selz Burnett and Kip Kennedy, with a combined commercial escrow experience of more than 60 years, and an Escrow Team who averages more than two decades of experience.

Business Philosophy

Old-Fashioned Values. We embrace the idea that values are the foundation for all actions and decisions and regulates our relations with customers and communities.

Core Values

A belief in the principle of reciprocity; We honor the trust our clients place in us.

Dedication and persistence in all work endeavors.
Unwavering ethics is the standard, not the exception.
Value and cultivate our relationships and reap dividends.
Reputation is everything.
Owning the power of your own Inner Truth.
Accountability and Responsibility.
All things are possible: perceive an Ideal and strive to reach it.
Character counts.
To choose a higher ground.
Achievement, of whatever kind, is the crown of effort.
All human relationships, and therefore the very fabric of society, is based on our ability to Trust One Another – and this, in turn, is based on Honesty.
The art of Appreciation is the greatest of all arts. True prosperity comes with deep appreciation, and with wide gratitude.
Hope is crucial for Success.
Abiding by the Golden Rule of treating others as you would like to be treated.
Honoring our commitments.
There’s always room for Growth and Improvement.
Positive attitude and Passion are everything.

Brenda Selz Burnett
President, Senior Escrow Officer

Brenda Selz Burnett is one of the founding Principals of Coast To Coast Escrow Services and the firm’s Senior Escrow Officer. She is responsible for directing the daily operations of the company, which include oversight of the two core divisions of the company (commercial and residential divisions), REOs, 1031 exchanges, and business opportunities, among others.

Brenda has worked in the escrow industry for more than 20 years and has an extensive background in Commercial, Industrial, Subdivision, Residential and Exchange transactions as well as Refinance and Business Opportunity transactions.

Prior to forming Coast To Coast Escrow Services, Brenda worked with her father, Bernie Selz, at TMC Escrow Company (which later merged with Investors Title Company) for approximately 15 years until Bernie retired.

In 2001 she opened an Escrow Branch of South Coast/Diversified Title. In 2003, the Mercury Companies contacted her to open their Orange County operations for Alliance Title Company. She managed the Newport Beach Branch for 3 years until January of 2006, when she formed Coast to Coast Escrow Services, Inc.

Kip Kennedy
Business Development

Kip Kennedy has over 30 years in the commercial/industrial (C&I) real estate industry and over that time has developed hundreds of contacts and working relationships with C&I brokers, lenders, and affiliates. He is one of the founding principals of Coast to Coast Escrow Services and currently serves as Business Development Director. In this role, his responsibilities include business development (new accounts, strategic alliances, and partnerships), sales, marketing, public relations and customer support, focusing on increasing its client base and growth. He works closely with Coast to Coast’s principals and on the strategic direction of the firm as well as corporate marketing for the company. Prior to joining Coast to Coast, he was with Alliance Title Company, Commercial Escrow Division, Investors Title & Escrow Company; and US Bank, where he consistently ranked as the top producing Sales Representative. He formerly provided marketing and sales consulting services to the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association for ten years, a commercial real estate trade organization serving southern California.